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Though a few of the square’s plus monuments date from the 12th century, most are from the time of the Malla Kings. Probably the most famous building here is the Kumari Bahal, a building richly decorated with beautiful woodcarvings, which is home to the Royal Kumari, the Living Goddess, a manifestation of the great goddess Durga. Nearby the former Royal Palace is a Mall Dynasty dwelling, once considerably more extensive than today. Within, the courtyard Nassal Chowk, originally hosted dramatic dance performances, now it is the coronation site of the Shah kings and contains some of the finest wood carvings you will see anywhere in the kingdom. The 14th century Jagannath Mandir is the oldest temple in the area, its steps carved with inscriptions in many languages, nearby Telaju Mandir is one of the largest and finest temples in the Valley. It is dedicated to the patron deity of the royal family, Taleju Bhawani, a wrathful form of Durga who once demanded human sacrifices. Swayambhunath The most ancient and enigmatic of the Valley’s holy shrines the golden-spired stupa of Swayambhunath tops a wooded hillock. Records of its history date as far as the 5th century, but its origins are believed to be older. It is the Kathmandu Valley’s most sacred Buddhist shrine and whilst its worshippers include the Vajrayana Buddhists of northern Nepal and Tibet, Newari Buddhists are the most fervent devotees.

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Places of Interest Around the Valley: Situated at an altitude of meter above the sea level, the Kathmandu Valley covers an area of sq. The major tourist attractions in Kathmandu include: Kathmandu is the capital of the Kingdom of Nepal.

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A beautiful landscape and a place of beauty is what chobar is all about. Once you reach there you can see the whole Kathmandu valley from the top. Even if you seek privacy there are many restaurants and cottages where you can spend quality time with your loves ones. Taudaha is the place where you can actually spend your entire day without getting bored with your date.

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So, now, you might be thinking of next year. But if we say you can feel the Valentine this year, this month in this Kathmandu, how would you feel? Yes, you can feel the Valentine right now in the Kathmandu. Nature blessed Nepal so much that it really looks like a piece of Heaven has just fallen on earth. People from all over the world love to come to Nepal. But having adventure, fun and best moments that you could have a smile on your face just by remembering it.

1. Temple Tours in Kathmandu Temples in Kathmandu. With many beautiful temples, Kathmandu is called the “city of temples”. You can visit numerous temples in the valley as it is one of the most culturally interesting places to visit.

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The Kingdom extends about km. The entire terrain is like a steep incline, descending from the icy Himalayan heights to the hot Terai flatland within a short distance. The city of Kathmandu was built by king Gun Kamdev in A. It is said that Kathmandu was a lake in the past and was made habitable by Manjushree, who cut open the hill to south Chovar as to allow the water of lake to flow out.

Friends in High Places – Trekking in Nepal and adventures in India, Bhutan, and Tibet. Adventure travel and trekking in Nepal. Individual treks to Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Mustang, and more.

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that Chanderi was not even located on the banks of a river. As per Baburnama, ‘a small river, Betwa, was at a distance of about 3 kurohs 6 miles ‘. The town’s emergence as an administrative centre made the rulers build Baolis. Adjacent to these wells, ponds were excavated for rainwater harvesting and maintaining the water level.

This ahead-of-the-times idea, implemented long back in the 11th century is sure to leave you absolutely amazed. The secret The secret of Chanderi saris Close-up of a Chanderi sari The town of Chanderi has guarded one secret very dearly, for centuries. Even the British invaders with their mill-made cotton couldn’t defeat the moonshine radiance of the fabric created by Indian weavers using raw spun cotton. With time, these matchless artisans started using Japanese silk with cotton.

White with intricate golden zari border, these saris are also adored globally for being lightweight and thin. Legend says that the Chanderi fabric was once gifted to Emperor Akbar in the hollow of a bamboo stick and when drawn out, it was enough to cover an entire elephant. The Chanderi sari was, and still is, a symbol of superlative beauty and status.

In existence since the 11th century, Chanderi is blessed with scenic beauty in and around it. While picturesque hills, lakes and forts sit surrounding it, the exquisite hand-woven Chanderi saris adorn this historic town. These saris are adored around the globe for the artistry behind their creation.

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Books[ edit ] Kathmandu is a great place to stock up or trade in reading material. Used bookstores cover everything from backpacker favorites, to classics, to local history and culture. Huge selection of books on Buddhism, Nepal and Tibet studies. Pilgrims [66] in Thamel next to the Kathmandu Guest house was the largest and most well-established English language bookshop in Kathmandu, until it burned in May Tibet Book Store, Thamel on the road leading in from the palace.

Good selection of books on vajrayana and Tibet studies.

10 reasonable and best restaurants in Kathmandu 1) Everest bakery Located in prime location of Kathmandu, bhat-bhateni, just opposite to the bhat-bhateni supermarket this everest bakery is one of the famous food café around the area.

This place was once a major tourist attraction with thousands of visitors. Inside the walls, this shrine has a dome with Hebrew inscriptions mixed with floral Islamic designs. Before the war, Iraq had the second largest Jewish community in the Middle East the first being Israel and the third being Iran. Yearly, thousands of Jews used to visit this place during Easter. Nowadays, with the lack of security, this is not possible anymore as most Iraqi Jews left the country.

Also known as Salman the Persian, he was the companion of Muhammad the central figure of Islam and Ali the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad. Inside the mosque, one can also visit the tomb of Hudhaifa al-Yamani and the grave of Jabir Abdullah al-Ansari. This is the confluence of the Tigris and the Euphrates River. You can easily visit the exact place where the rivers meet.

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Etymology[ edit ] The city of Kathmandu is named after Kasthamandap temple, which stood in Durbar Square. This temple, also known as Maru Satta: The two-story structure was made entirely of wood and used no iron nails nor supports. According to legend, all the timber used to build the pagoda was obtained from a single tree.

Thus, giving it a meaning as “City of light”. History of Kathmandu and Timeline of Kathmandu Manjushree, with Chandrahrasa, the Buddhist deity said to have created the valley Archaeological excavations in parts of Kathmandu have found evidence of ancient civilizations.

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This city, rich in ancient arts, religious values, fabulous cultural traditions, architectural masterpieces and ancient sculptures, is also known as an open museum. Morever, the city is also famous as a city of gods. Bhaktapur has a cluster of temples, pagodas, monuments, courtyard, squares. The existing civilization charcterized with Newai life style and their fabulous traditons and rituals reflected in the day to day activities is the main point of attraction for fireigners visiting this city.

Tourists generally notice a marked uniquenss in the festivals, culture events and Newari traditions observed by the people of Bhaktapur. This beautiful and clean city teemed with architectural masterpieces, artistic temple and shrines and ancient aintings, has been able to preserve in historicla identity and civilization. It is famous as a main destination for domestic as well as international tourists. Though Bhaktapur is the smallest district of Nepal, it is rich in terms of its varied tourist attraction.

Listed as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, Bhaktapur offers its visitors the opportunity to closely study ancient architecture, arts and culture of Lichhavi and Malla rereigns. Renowned for Juju Dhau King sweet curd , clay pots and wood carving astistry. Bhaktapur has earned a worldwide reputation as a unique city. This former royal palace complex offers the elegant 15th-century Palace of 55 Windows, artistic courtyards, the Golden Gate, a masterpiece in repousse art, and an entrancing medley of pagoda temples scattered all over.

The area is called “Layaku” in Newari language.

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In general, I would suggest places like Nagarkot, some of the resorts in the inner part of Kathmandu, garden of dreams, some other public parks, or even Durbar Squares for short, casual dates. k Views · View 3 Upvoters · Answer requested by.

Prayer Flags are inscribed with auspicious symbols, invocations, prayers, and mantras. Tibetan Buddhists for centuries have planted these flags outside their homes and places of spiritual practice for the wind to carry the beneficent vibrations across the countryside. Prayer flags are said to bring happiness, long life and prosperity to the flag planter and those in the vicinity. Dharma prints bear traditional Buddhist symbols, protectors and enlightened beings. As the Buddhist spiritual approach is non-theistic, the elements of Tantric iconography do not stand for external beings, but represent aspects of enlightened mind i.

Displayed with respect, Dharma prints impart a feeling of harmony and bring to mind the precious teachings. The prayer flag tradition is ancient, dating back thousands of years in India and to the shamanistic Bon tradition of pre-Buddhist Tibet. Bonpo priests used solid colored cloth flags, perhaps with their magical symbols, to balance the elements both internally and externally.

The 5 colors of prayer flags represent the 5 basic elements: Balancing these elements externally brings harmony to the environment. Balancing the elements internally brings health to the body and the mind. Buddhists added their own texts to increase the power of the flags. There are ancient symbols, prayers and mantras for generating compassion, health, wish fulfillment, and for overcoming diseases, natural disasters and other obstacles.

In this present dark-age disharmony reigns and the elements are way out of balance.

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