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Overwhelmed by the restrictions, Hardy decided to join forces with Island-based activists, set up a Facebook page, and take action. While most associate doulas with birth, abortion doulas remind us of the emotional labour necessary to support those terminating pregnancies. By listening to their clients and simply advertising their services, these doulas help destigmatize abortion. Across Canada, and especially on the east coast, conversations about abortion in the public and political sphere have long been fraught. Though a Supreme Court ruling found the ban of abortions in the country unlawful, the law deeming the practice illegal remains in the Criminal Code, and few politicians are interested in rewriting it. And on the east coast, where access to abortion has been difficult even in the last five years, many are faced with a great deal of shame when seeking medical assistance to terminate pregnancies. As a result, abortion doulas provide a way for women to remain empowered during the process.

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It received Royal Assent on 18 November and came into force on 5 December , allowing the first couples to form civil partnerships 15 days later. Confusion regarding the interpretation of the Act led to registrations being accepted from 19 December in Northern Ireland, 20 December in Scotland and 21 December in England and Wales.

Around 30 Conservative MPs did not participate in any of the votes.

Watch video · A retired firefighter in Nova Scotia is suing Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency, saying he was ridiculed and passed over for a position because of .

You can search for names and dates of divorce cases heard between and In the two centuries following Nova Scotia’s first recorded divorce in nearly divorce cases were heard by this court. Researchers can search for marriages registered in Cumberland County from and Colchester County from Researchers can search for marriage bonds submitted in application for licenses between , As of August , the index for the years is available online with the remaining years to be added as the project progresses.

Researchers can now search the online index for individuals whose deaths were reported on by the Medical Examiner between and This online database includes the descriptions of Anglican Church parish records held by the Archives. Most of the descriptions are for records available on microfilm only.

Divorce Rate in Canada

The following factors explain a large part of the gap: The large island is marked by red-sand beaches, lighthouses, and fertile farmland, and is renowned for seafood like lobster and mussels. Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland-and-Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador form the most easterly province of Canada. Southeastern capital city St. It encompasses rivers, pine forest, mountains and the Bay of Fundy, known for extreme tides and whale-watching.

The port city of St.

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Where are Kevin and Ruth right now? Where are they going next? Heading towards Langtry, Texas. The rocks on this beach have produced some of the oldest fossils found in the world, dating back million years ago! Blue Beach is located on the northern shore of Nova Scotia, in between the towns of Windsor and Wolfville. It’s also situated on part of the Bay of Fundy where the highest tides in the world take place. There’s a small parking area and a path that leads a couple of hundred meters to the beach.

It’s not a sand beach. The rocks on the shore are sedimentary sandstone and shale Looking for fossils at Blue Beach. The tide is out in the picture above. In fact, when the tide is in, we can’t even walk where we are in the picture. High tide comes up to just a bit higher than where Cameron is on the left side of the pic.

Understanding the Grounds for Divorce in Canada

Grounds for Divorce One Year Separation One year separation is the most common and easiest way to obtain a divorce. This subsection essentially contemplates that the couples have lived separate and apart for a period of no less than 12 months with no prospect of resumed cohabitation or reconciliation. This does not necessarily mean that the spouses must wait a year in order to bring an application as it is possible to bring one at any time.

Rather, it means that a court will not grant the divorce unless and until the one year mark has passed. It is also possible for spouses to live under the same roof and still qualify for a divorce based on the ground of one year separation. Usually what is required, regardless of whether the spouses live in one residence or two, is the consideration of the following factors:

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Here’s why this should come as no surprise. Smoking is now illegal outside. It’s also illegal inside. What was presented by HRM as a sensible first approach to dealing with cannabis legalization has, instead, been condemned for its potential for abuse. It’s almost a foregone conclusion this policy will be used by authorities to target the poor, racial minorities and every other community with a history of mistreatment by law enforcement.

Halifax is not alone in taking a sledgehammer to try and impose some order on the federal government’s cannabis chaos. Courts and police departments across the country are all scrambling to create a new equilibrium come October Nowhere is that enforcement more blatant in its symbolism than Canada’s new drug recognition experts. The RCMP and the country’s municipal police departments have spent millions of dollars training a new army of officers to recognize impaired drivers under the influence of cannabis or other controlled substances besides alcohol.

It’s a strategy built on the backs of inmates held at the most notorious jail in North America. Hundreds of Canadian cops have been awarded their drug recognition certification after testing remand prisoners in Maricopa County—the infamous sheriff’s office run for over two decades by Joe Arpaio. Arpaio’s frequent and flagrant civil rights abuses were detailed in a fiery investigation by the United States department of justice.

Nova Scotia modernizing liquor laws, ending plebiscites for ‘dry’ communities

When you smell and taste Tidal Bay, there is a freshness and crispness that you associate with the windswept coastlines of Nova Scotia. This is indeed something to be proud of, but I am sure that most Nova Scotians agree that the true birth of quality wine is a fairly new phenomenon here on our shores. The inception of our first appellation style wine, called Tidal Bay, in solidified the fact that Nova Scotia wines are serious wines and that our region is finally becoming known for a particular style of wine.

So, what exactly is Tidal Bay anyway? In other wine making regions, especially in Europe, the term appellation is most associated with production area, soil, aspect, climate, weather; what we have come to know as terroir. The appellation laws in Europe govern everything from vine varieties, ripeness levels, yields, vine density, pruning to sweetness, minimum alcohol and ageing.

CyberScan can also help victims navigate the justice system and understand their options. Cyber-protection orders If you’re a victim of cyberbullying or unwanted sharing of intimate images, or a parent or guardian of a victim under the age of 19, you can also apply to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia for a cyber-protection order.

Share Shares In , Canada abolished the death penalty. These provisions were implemented to deal with especially heinous, high-risk, repeat offenders, usually sex offenders. The court believed that these criminals were more likely to relapse if they were released back into society, putting the safety of the Canadian public in jeopardy. People labeled dangerous offenders are given indefinite prison sentences, meaning that as long as the court believes they are a risk to public safety, they will remain locked away behind bars—often for the rest of their lives.

In the rare event that a dangerous offender is released, they are placed on parole and closely monitored until their death. While many Canadians support the dangerous offender provisions, some see it as a violation of the Canadian Charter Of Rights because once the prosecution seeks DO status, the onus is placed on the offender to prove to the court that they are not dangerous. Some also consider it wrong that in addition to being punished for the crimes they have committed, they are kept behind bars because the court believes they will reoffend, thus punishing them for crimes they have not committed.

Of those, only 18 were released back into society. His childhood was a difficult one. At the age of approximately seven, he was sexually abused.

The amnesty agenda for cannabis

New Brunswick Common Law New Brunswick To be considered common law for spousal support purposes in NB, you and your partner must have lived together for three or more years. Property Rights The rules for property division for married couples under the Marital Property Act do not apply to common law couples in New Brunswick. So, basically each party keeps what they brought into the relationship or bought. If you are not happy with that arrangement, you can bring a claim for unjust enrichment, claiming your partner got enriched at your expense.

However, these claims are expensive and uncertain. They never bring about an equal division of property.

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This is a good place to start for answers to some of the questions you may have in entering a new relationship. Important terms Important terms Asset — A legal term for property. This can mean anything of value, such as a house, vehicle, or bank account. Cohabitation agreement — A contract between common law spouses which sets out the details of property ownership, how property will be divided upon separation, and any support obligation between the spouses.

Common law relationship – A common law relationship occurs when two people live together in a ‘marriage-like’ relationship. This means that they are not married but they share a home, refer to themselves in public as spouses or partners, and share things like bills and other finances.

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Background[ edit ] The Golers lived together in two shacks in a remote wooded area south of the community of White Rock , outside the town of Wolfville. Like most other mountain clans, they were isolated from most of the residents of the farming district in the Annapolis Valley and most of the nearby towns. The children were generally forced to perform any menial chores such as preparing food or removing trash.

Garbage was simply thrown into the attic, until it was completely filled, and then the adults would make the children haul it all out.

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They are for reference use only to show the duplicity of responsibility and the myriad nature of determining an adequate offense. It is hoped that the offenders will be charged with all applicable offenses in order to boost the sentence. Competition Act – An Act to provide for the general regulation of trade and commerce. CHAPTER C Amendments to the Competition Act are designed to help crack down on the recent proliferation of deceptive telemarketing practices that prey upon consumers and cast a shadow over Canada’s legitimate telemarketing industry by speeding up and improving the process for resolving misleading advertising and deceptive marketing practices.

It gives the Competition Bureau new powers to use in the investigation of scam artists who use the telephone to exploit the trust of unsuspecting consumers. The Attorney General of Canada may institute and conduct any prosecution or criminal proceedings under this Act and the Criminal Code. A judge may issue a search warrant to search the premises for records, including computer files and copy or seize it.

A court may issue an interim injunction forbidding any person named from doing any act or thing that it appears to the court may constitute or be directed toward the commission of an offence. A court may punish any person who contravenes an order made under this section by a fine in the discretion of the court or by imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

Fort Anne National Historic Site of Canada

Home Resources The Nova Scotia Co-operative Council provides a variety of resources designed to help both new and existing co-operatives to grow and expand their business. You may contact our offices for information and assistance on any of the following: We can assist new co-operatives develop the incorporation that best suits the needs of the group. We can provide information on board liability issues, governance practices, management systems, demonstrations of the co-operative advantage, and create connections with other co-operatives and support groups.

ELIGIBILITY The Coast’s contests are open to Nova Scotia residents, 19 years of age or older (unless otherwise specified) with the exception of employees and those with whom are domiciled of Coast Publishing. and its affiliated companies, advertising and promotion agencies or employees of companies supplying prizes.

Currently, there are two ways you can legally prove a marriage breakdown. That is by completion of a one year separation from your spouse, or by providing valid proof that adultery or abuse occurred. One Year Separation — No Fault Divorce First, let us clarify that you do not have to wait until you have been separated for a full year, in order to apply for a divorce in Canada. In fact, you can begin the application process as soon as you and your spouse are separated.

However, the courts will not grant you a divorce, until the full one year separation has been completed. That said, separating for one year does not always mean that you and your spouse must be living at separate addresses. What it means, is that you must be living separate lives. Separate houses are the most clear and uncomplicated way to complete a one year separation period. However, in the event that separate homes are not possible due to finances, children etc you can indeed continue to live in the same house.

In this type of situation, the court will require that the couple prove that while they were abiding in the same dwelling, they no longer continued to live as a couple. This can be complicated and it is always best to obtain legal assistance in this situation.

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The province did not do this willingly; it was ordered to do so by the courts. The events leading up to legalization of same-sex marriage in Nova Scotia: Nova Scotia was one of the first provinces in Canada to partially recognize and accommodate same-sex couples. The government created a domestic partner registry that gave such couples the same legal status as opposite-sex couples in areas of pension, wills, etc.

Some same-sex couples decided to not join the registry. They were holding out for marriage and felt that a domestic partnership would make them feel like second-class citizens.

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November 1, and January 2, except s. It also included measures to better protect children from being exploited sexually by criminalizing several specific actions, including luring children on the Internet known as “Internet luring” ; transmitting, making available, or exporting child pornography on the Internet; or intentionally accessing child pornography on the Internet. Sentencing provisions were also to be strengthened. In addition, Bill C A included measures to make it easier to prosecute people involved in child sex tourism.

Bill C December 1, amended the Criminal Code to facilitate the participation of victims and witnesses in the criminal justice process. Measures were put in place to prevent victims from being re-victimized by the system. For example, bail decisions must take the safety of victims into account, and publication bans are now permitted to protect the identity of any victim or witness.

What Is The Age Of Consent?

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